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A brief discussion on the difference between color steel plate and color steel tile Feb 01, 2018

The color steel composite plate is a thermal insulation composite maintenance board made of color coated steel plate or other panels and bottom plates and insulation core material through a binder (or foaming). It has the following advantages:

1, composite steel plate weight, about 10kg-14kg / square meters, equivalent to the brick wall 1/30;

2, heat insulation, good sealing performance and attract;

3, construction is convenient, flexible and fast installation, the construction period can be shortened by more than 40%;

4, bright color, beautiful appearance, no need for surface decoration;

5, high strength, can be used for maintenance of the structure, bearing structure, bending compression, the general housing can not beam column.

Caigang vine with light weight, high strength, bright color, flexible and fast installation and other advantages, is now widely used in many industries use. But many consumers can't distinguish the color steel plate and the color steel tile, don't know the difference between them, or whether they are the same thing. Here's a brief introduction for you.

, a color plate refers to the color coated steel plate, color coated steel plate is a steel plate with organic coating.

Color steel plate coating is galvanized cold-rolled steel plate, steel plate, surface chemical treatment after coating (roller) or composite organic thin film (PVC film), then after baking curing and manufactured products. Some people also call this product as pre - roll coated steel plate, plastic color steel plate.

And tile color steel tile is used for color coated steel pressure plate, the roller of cold bending into various wave patterns.

Enhanced two, with the progress of science and technology, environmental awareness and the improvement of people's living standard, color plate activity room shows more and more strong vitality and broad market prospects, by construction, household appliances, electronics, transportation, interior decoration, office equipment and the IT industry's favor.

And tile which is mainly applicable to industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, large-span steel structure house roof, walls and wall decoration, has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient construction, earthquake, fire, rain, long service life, maintenance free, widely application.

Whether color steel plate or steel tile, each has its own advantages, has been widely used in each field, and play a big role. So when choosing a product, you can choose according to your own actual needs.