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Application of purified color steel plate in household electrical appliance industry Feb 01, 2018

The purified color steel plate is used in various industries and is constantly increasing. The application of color steel plate in the household appliance industry began in 1980s. In recent years, the global consumption has been above 1 million 500 thousand t/a, accounting for 10% to 12% of the total output of color plate. China is a major producer of household electrical appliances. In.2007, the plate consumption of household appliance industry is about 9 million 570 thousand T.. However, the badge of color steel plate in China's household appliance industry is still very low, accounting for only 4.14% of the total steel used for household appliances. The color steel plate coating has smooth surface, wide gloss and rich color, which can achieve the surface effect that ordinary spray coating can not get. Meanwhile, it has obvious advantages in reducing the cost of household electrical appliance enterprises and reducing waste water and exhaust emissions. With the continuous strengthening of environmental protection in the country, and the gradual increase of the proportion of color steel plate in wholly foreign-owned and joint venture household appliances, the application of color steel sheet in household appliances industry will expand by boat.