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Caitu volume in the market advantage Mar 29, 2017

On currently of color coated volume market for, it is today world praised of emerging material, and with technology of progress, and environment consciousness of enhanced, people living of improve, color coated volume increasingly displayed out powerful of vitality and broad of market prospects, which main of a advantage is the color coated volume that has steel material mechanical strength high, and easy forming of performance, to and has coating material good of decorative sex and resistance corrosion sex.

Usually speaking, now market Shang of color coated volume used of material is cold rolled base board, and hot plating zinc base board, and plating zinc base board, and plating aluminum zinc base board,, addition it is using hot plating zinc steel with for base material of color coating steel with except has zinc layer protection outside, zinc layer Shang of organic paint up has cover and protection role, prevent steel with rust, using life than plating zinc with long, about 1.5 times times.