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Classification of color coated steel plates Jan 12, 2018

Classification of color coated steel plates

According to the different structure, the color coated steel plate can be roughly divided into the following.

(1) coated steel plate

The coated steel plate is coated with galvanized steel plate on the front and back to ensure its corrosion resistance. The first layer is primer, usually epoxy primer, because it has strong adhesion with metal and the back is also coated with epoxy resin or acrylic resin. The second layer (surface layer) used alkyd resin and polyester coating or acrylic resin coating in the past.

(2) PVC steel plate

There are two types of PVC steel plates, one is made of coated paste PVC, called coating PVC steel plate, the other is formed and printed or embossed PVC film on the steel plate, called the patch PVC steel plate.

The PVC layer is thermoplastic, and the surface can be thermally processed, such as embossing, which makes the surface texture rich. Moreover, it has flexibility and can be processed for two times, such as bending, and its corrosion resistance is also good.

The disadvantage of the PVC surface layer is that it is easy to age. In order to improve this shortcoming, a new type of composite PVC steel plate has been produced on the surface of PVC to compound the acrylic resin.

(3) heat insulation coated steel plate

The thermal insulation coated steel plate is 15 to 17mm thick polystyrene foam or rigid polyurethane foam on the back of the color coated steel sheet, which can be used to improve the heat insulation and sound insulation performance of the coated steel plate.

(4) high durability coated steel plate

According to the good aging resistance of fluoroplastics and acrylic resin, high durability coated steel sheet can be used on the surface of steel plate, which can improve the durability and corrosion resistance of steel plate.

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