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Color-coated plate market developments Mar 29, 2017

First, demand is still in a growth phase. This year China will maintain stable and relatively fast economic growth, demand for steel in the domestic market is still in a period of growth, Olympic projects, revitalized cities across the Northeast, the Western development and the infrastructure construction of key projects, industrial demand for coated sheet is still growing.

Second, adequate supply of resources. By base board shortage effect, domestic color coated Board actual production growth is unlikely to, currently base board ample has, color coated Board price market and yet check fell, so, domestic some has potential capacity of manufacturers still in wait-and-see among, General, even not consider imports factors, currently domestic color coated Board resources is compared sufficient of, certainly, next the big mills will response China Steel Industrial Association of calls for, for stable market and adjustment products structure, compression capacity, so, domestic color coated Board market (especially high-end products), Nor is the phenomenon of imbalance of supply and demand in the short term.

Third, and heated plating zinc Board market of effect, due to color coated Board market and hot plating zinc Board market associated sex is strong, and both will maintained must of market price poor, and currently hot plating zinc Board price yet check fell, so, color coated Board as its downstream products price also hard check fell, next hot plating zinc Board and its upstream products cold, and hot Board volume price when go stability, will became color coated Board market appeared turn of important signal.