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Color steel roll standard Mar 29, 2017

1. color steel is galvanized steel surface paint, pressed after the formation of a new type of building material, in the current market, color coil occupies a very important position, color steel rolled in after several years of development is increasingly recognized by all sides.

2. However in terms of color steel coil current market, while market demand is growing, but because domestic manufacturers lack a certain normative, color coil also encounter more problems in current use, to that end, we also develop many standards for color coil to ensure color steel roll in the future use of continuous, stable and safe.

3. at present, color coil national standard GB/t 12755-91,GB 6723-86,GB 50018-2002, GB 50205-2001, JC868-2000, and so on, which also constitutes the main standards of color steel roll in standardizing China's steel markets has played a significant contribution, which we also certainly in color steel roll in continuous evolution, market specifications under full, This product has a great space for operations and development.