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Complete control of roll coating of knowledge Mar 29, 2017

Color coated volume is to hot plating zinc Board, and hot plating aluminum zinc Board, and plating zinc Board, for base board, by surface pretreatment (chemical skim and the chemical into processing) zhihou, in surface coated enough a layer or several layer organic paint, then after baking curing and into of products, also for coated has various different color of organic paint color steel volume Board which named, referred to color coated volume.

Roll coating with light, beauty and good corrosion resistance, and can be processed directly, mainly used in the advertising industry, the construction industry, household appliances industry, electrical industry, furniture industry and transport industry.

Roll coating used coating according to different environments suitable for resin such as polyester modified polyester, plastisol PVC, poly vinyl chloride etc, users can use to select it.