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How should the color steel plate be fireproof? Jan 10, 2018

How should the color steel plate be fireproof?

Color plate can be fire-resistant from six aspects:

First, the use of good fire resistant rock wool as the core material, this is the method of the rule.

Second, in the building process, the core material away from welding, gas welding and other fire operation;

Third, in the process of use, some heat sources, fire sources do not close to the steel plate, to maintain a certain distance. If you want to set up the kitchen in the color steel plate room, it needs to have a temperature - proof layer, and the wall should be equipped with fire resistant rock wool insulation layer.

Fourth, wire and cable should not be crossed from core material. If you want to cross the protective bushing, the socket and switch box shall be galvanized box and open loading.

Fifth, indoor and outdoor equipped with simple fire extinguishing equipment, the condition should be installed fire alarm to facilitate the rapid evacuation of personnel;

Sixth, at least 6 meters of safe distance between the color steel plate rooms should be maintained. The sandwich filling material without strict flame retardant treatment is flammable, but it will not be self ignited. Strict, scientific and effective management is a way to prevent fire from happening in color steel plate house.