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Properties of color coated steel plate Jan 12, 2018

(1) resistance to pollution. The color coated steel plate has strong pollution resistance. It spreads the tomato paste, lipstick, coffee drink and edible oil on the surface of polyester coating. After placing it for 24 h, it washes and dry with washing liquid, and its surface gloss and color remain unchanged.

(2) high temperature resistance. The color coated steel plate was heated for 90 h in 120 centigrade oven, and the gloss and color of the coating had no obvious change.

(3) low temperature resistance. The color coated steel plate is placed at 24 h at -54 C, and the coating has no obvious change in the bending and impact resistance.

(4) boiling water resistance. After soaking in boiling water for 60 min, the surface gloss and color of all kinds of coated products have no change, and there are no bubbles, softening and expansion.

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