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What are the characteristics of color steel sandwich? Jan 18, 2018

What are the characteristics of color steel sandwich?

1, color steel sandwich installation, the light weight composite features, splicing installation and free cutting, the installation is simple, can greatly improve efficiency, save time.

2, color steel sandwich light weight, weight per square meter below 14kg can fully reduce structural load, reduce the cost structure.

3, durable, various research shows, and abroad for more than 40 years that is widely used by sandwich color steel shelf life special coating in 10 ~ 15 years, every 10 years after spraying coatings, sheet life up to 35 years.

4, fire performance, color composite sandwich panel surface materials and insulation materials for non combustible materials, can completely meet the fire safety requirements.

5, beautiful appearance, pressed steel plate clear line up to dozens of colors, and the need to cooperate with any style of architecture, to achieve satisfactory results.

6, insulation, thermal insulation material of the composite plate commonly used are: polystyrene, rock wool, glass fiber cotton, polyurethane, low thermal conductivity of these materials. Which is widely used in modern building decoration.

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