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What's the trend of color steel plate development? Jan 10, 2018

What's the trend of color steel plate development?

First, the high quality substrate surface, shape and size precision of the substrate requirements are increasingly high, such as outdoor small zinc flower flat hot galvanized steel coil, no zinc flower smooth hot dipped galvanized steel coils in zinc alloy under heat up roll plating; indoor use such as galvanized steel coil, cold foil rolled plate and aluminum volume.

Second, improving the pretreatment technology and pretreatment liquid, the amount of equipment and the cost are low, becoming the mainstream technology, constantly improving the stability, corrosion resistance and environmental protection performance of the pretreatment fluid.

Third, we should improve the general polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and plastic sol through the development of repaint, get super color reproducibility, anti ultraviolet, sulfur dioxide and corrosion resistance, and develop functional coatings, such as pollution resistant and heat absorbing.

Fourth, the unit equipment is more perfect. For example, a new type of welding machine, a new roll coating machine, a perfect curing furnace and an advanced automatic instrument are used.

Fifth, because of the low cost of the cold embossing, it has the characteristics of beautiful, stereoscopic and high strength, which makes the production technology of cold embossing become the trend of development.

Sixth, we must pay attention to product diversification, functionalization and high quality, such as deep impact color coated panels, shaddock peel color coated boards, antistatic color coated boards, stain resistant color coated panels, high heat absorbing color coated boards, etc.