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why does coloured steel plate burn? Jan 31, 2018

Why does coloured steel plate burn?

Color plate is a new type of material consisting of two layers of metal plate and a polymer inner core which is formed directly in the middle of the panel. Because of its lightweight, heat insulation, high strength, bright color, sensitive installation and short construction period, it has been favored by the construction industry. It is widely used in large-span workshop, storeroom, office building, roof plus storey, shops and temporary housing. Seizures should be immediately cut off the power to prevent the attack of fire accidents.

Why does coloured steel plate burn?

Color steel plate is divided into two kinds, one is color steel plate and the other is sandwich color steel plate. Usually the house built of color steel plate can only see the appearance of steel plate, and the steel plate itself is nonflammable. But because of the need for insulation, many buildings choose sandwich plate, and its combustible material is hidden in the core of the sandwich colored steel plate.