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Analysis And Comparison Of Air Duct Of Galvanized Steel Sheet And Double Sided Color Steel Plate Aug 13, 2017

             Because of the air duct production, installation and construction of ventilation and air conditioning system, this task has been completed by engineering construction units for a long time. However, attracted by the huge market, many manufacturers are looking for new materials to be involved in the industry. In recent years, there have been a wide variety of composite wind pipes in the market, and some wind pipes have been popularized in the ventilation and air-conditioning projects because of their outstanding characteristics.Galvanized Steel Sheet

             For example: aluminum foil composite wind pipe and the soft connection of tuyere; application of FRP duct in detoxification system. However, due to the immature process of the composite duct, there are many technical defects which have not been popularized in large scale. Galvanized steel plate duct with its mature technology and good combination with the site has always been in the leading position. Now there is a double color steel composite duct in the market, which overcomes some defects of the composite duct. has also been a certain promotion, but there are still some of the process to be improved, the galvanized steel plate duct and double-sided color steel tube performance compared to the following:

             Plate performance: The plate is machined in a uniform way, the thickness of steel plate is 0.3mm or so, can not be adjusted according to the size of the diameter, and there is no other reinforcement measures, the strength of the application to the large pipe diameter wind pipe slightly inadequate. In addition, due to the separation of two-layer color plate inside and outside the plate surface, the internal plate pressure is larger, deformation and uneven surface, will affect the overall performance of the duct. The steel plate thickness and reinforcement method of the galvanized steel plate duct can be adjusted flexibly according to the standard requirements.Galvanized Steel Sheet

             The form of flange: double-sided color steel plate composite duct adopts PVC combined flange, this flange is easy to aging, there is seam, affect air leakage and water is easy to penetrate the insulation layer from the seam. Flange convex into the duct, increased the resistance along the path. In addition, the flange form can not directly with the fan and the unit interface, double-sided color steel plate duct and tuyere connection is not good treatment. and galvanized steel pipe flange is angle steel flange frame, wind pipe wall formation, making resistance less than double-sided color steel composite wind pipe, and fans, units and Tuyere connection also has a mature process.Galvanized Steel Sheet