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Analysis Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Two Kinds Of Common Color Steel Movable Room Aug 13, 2017

               What is the color plate activity room? Color steel plate Activity room is a light steel as the skeleton, to the sandwich panel as the enclosure material, to the standard modulus series for space combination, the component adopts bolt connection, the new concept of environmental protection and economic activity housing. The movable room of color steel plate can be assembled and disassembled conveniently and quickly, the realization of the temporary construction of the general standardization, the establishment of environmental protection energy-saving, fast and efficient construction concept, so that temporary housing into a series of development, integrated production, supporting the supply, inventory and can be used in multiple turnover of the stereotypes products field.Color Steel

               Color plate Movable Room General specification: Long 3800MM, width 380MM, thick 16MM; thermal conductivity: 0.024w/(m*k) (note: thermal conductivity 0.023w/(m*k) The following is adiabatic material); apparent density: 182㎏/m³ (3.8㎏/㎡); combustion performance: B2 Grade: Topcoat 10-15 years without big fade, base alloy steel plate can be used for more than 45 years. Now let's introduce the advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of common color plate movable room in the market.Color Steel

               One, splicing type: splicing color plate movable room in the use of floor mats, cement and other materials for the bottom of the use, assembly to be fixed with nails, each room can only be disassembled 2-3 times. Advantages: The price is cheap, the use of long time. Disadvantage: Inconvenient to move, such as mobile service life is obviously shortened.Color Steel

               Second, the whole type: the whole color plate movable room for the whole fixed lifting type, mobile need to use cranes, artificial, and vehicles to transport. Can be processed according to customer needs, can also be reinforced according to the requirements. Advantages: Easy to use, can quickly put into use. Disadvantage: It is inconvenient to store, and the cost of input is higher each time it is used.Color Steel