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Application Of Galvanized Steel Sheet In Automobile Sep 06, 2017

      In recent ten years, China's automobile industry has developed rapidly, and the problem of car body corrosion prevention has become increasingly prominent. The survey shows that the general domestic new car run for a year that appears corrosive spots, 3-4 years that appears corrosion penetration, for this year the national maintenance of billions of yuan. Therefore, in order to improve the life of the car body and enhance the corrosion resistance of the body material, the surface of the low carbon steel plate is widely used, but the most currently used is galvanized steel plate, the European and American countries automotive galvanized steel plate accounted for about 60% of the entire body material, Japan is more. China has already formulated relevant policies to encourage the promotion of the use of domestic galvanized steel plate, but also the welding of galvanized sheet into the National Fund project.Galvanized Steel Sheet
      Galvanized steel plate is a good corrosion resistance, but in domestic and foreign automobile body manufacturing, a large number of the use of resistance spot welding method, compared with uncoated steel plate, galvanized steel plate spot welding in the process of the following problems: first in the steel plate melted zinc layer formed by the diversion, resulting in the welding current density reduced; zinc layer surface burning loss, adhesion, The electrode life is reduced by contaminating the electrode, the resistivity of zinc layer is low, the contact resistance is small, the welding splash, crack, blowhole or tissue softening are easily produced.Galvanized Steel Sheet
      Because of the above problems, the spot welding of galvanized steel plate has attracted extensive attention in the field of domestic and abroad, and has done a lot of research work. At present, the research on spot welding of galvanized steel sheet mainly starts from four aspects: one is the spot welding of galvanized sheet, the other is the correct choice of electrode material and shape, the third is the influence of main process parameters on spot welding quality, and four is the mode and method of quality control of spot welding.Galvanized Steel Sheet