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Application Place Of Color Steel Sep 06, 2017

      Color steel Sandwich composite plate is the use of high-quality color plate and lightweight inner core materials, through the special composite production line made of single-sided or double-sided outer layer, forming a high strength, light quality, heat insulation effect of a new type of building, decoration materials. Because of its rugged and durable, beautiful appearance and convenient construction, low cost by all walks of life welcome, is widely used in industrial plants, large warehouses, large-span roofing, wall, simple, kiosks, cold storage, purification room, air-conditioning room and other places.Color Steel
     To color coated steel plate, aluminum-zinc plate, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, PVC, such as the surface layer, polystyrene, flame-retardant paper honeycomb, rock wool, glass silk, polyurethane and other lightweight, fireproof, flame-retardant materials for the core layer of new building materials, with light weight, sound insulation, sound absorption and sealing performance, construction convenience, short cycle, comprehensive cost low, Anti-bending, anti-corrosion, appearance and other obvious advantages. Like the cold storage board when the foam is processed, lap more closely, better insulation effect.Color Steel
     Surface material stainless steel anti-corrosion ability, toughness, aluminum foil paper composite plate price more affordable, and beautiful, durable, and insulation, insulation, sound insulation effect is very good. Quality characteristic: Light weight, 10-14 kg/cu. m, 1/30 of the brick wall. Thermal insulation, thermal conductivity: 0.035w/(㎡· K). High strength, can be used as enclosure structure, load-bearing structure, bending and compression, small-span housing without beam and column. Bright color, no surface decoration. Color Steel
    The installation is flexible and fast, and the construction period can be shortened by 40%. Product use: Building villas, industrial plants, warehouses, cold storage, cabin, the original building and other projects, can be flexibly used in any building.Color Steel