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Characteristics Of Aluminum-plating Zinc Plate Mar 29, 2017

1. heat-reflective: aluminized steel heat reflectivity is high, are galvanized twice times, people often use it for insulation materials.

2. heat resistance: aluminum zinc alloy steel plate, have good heat resistance and can withstand high temperatures of more than 300 degrees Celsius, and resistance to high temperature oxidation of the aluminum plate is very similar, often applied to the chimney, oven, lighting and fluorescent lamp shade.

3. economy: because the density is less dense than Zn 55%AL-Zn, so at the same weight and thickness of gold plating of cases, aluminum-plating Zinc plate larger than the area of coated steel sheet 3%.

4. easy to paint: aluminum-plating Zinc plate and has excellent adhesion between paint and paint without pretreatment and weathering process.

5. aluminum-plating Zinc plate with silver ornate surface.