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Characteristics Of Production Process Of Galvanized Steel Sep 15, 2017

    In order to reduce the weight of the car, the demand for high strength and formability sheet steel is increasing. For this reason, most of the current research on automotive thin plate concentrates on the development of high-strength steels with high tensile strength and high elongation. Because alloying elements can affect the microstructure and strength of steels, it is very important to select these elements correctly to obtain this kind of high-strength steel. However, a large number of alloying elements can cause difficulties in coating the zinc layer of steel because they can be biased to form oxides on the surface.Galvanized Steel

    The experiment used two different components of steel. The surface condition before coating and the quality and adhesion of coating were studied. The production parameters are analyzed, especially the dew point of annealing temperature and annealing atmosphere. 2 test Process (1) Production of 1000MPaCP steel.Galvanized Steel

     The standard annealing period for the production of 1000MPaCP cold-rolled Steel is reheating to the critical zone annealing temperature, and then, the cooling and isothermal insulation is around 400 ℃, higher than the martensite starting temperature (Ms). The percentage of ferrite volume and its carbon content are controlled by the annealing temperature and annealing time of the critical zone. During cooling and heat preservation, the austenite of some critical area is transformed into Bainite.Galvanized Steel

     The austenite volume percentage transformed into Bainite is a function of the time and temperature of isothermal bainite transition and the determination of the C content and the starting temperature (Bs) of Bainite in Austenite. Martensite is formed during subsequent cooling to room temperature, but some austenite may remain the same. Electrode for spot welding galvanized steel plate, 2 electrodes are recommended. When the appearance of the relative spot welding is very high, 1 kinds of alloy can be used. It is recommended to use cone electrode shape, taper angle 120 degrees-140 degrees.Galvanized Steel

     When using electrode, it is recommended to use a spherical electrode with a 25-50mm end radius. In order to improve the service life of electrodes, a composite electrode embedded with a tungsten electrode head can be used to enhance the heat dissipation of the tungsten electrode.Galvanized Steel