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Color-coated Sheet Considerations Mar 29, 2017

Coated with light, beauty and good corrosion resistance and direct processing, construction, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing, the furniture industry, the electrical trade and provides a new raw material, steel instead of wood, was efficient construction, energy conservation, pollution prevention and other good results.

1. install fixtures with self tapping screws fixing the dimension, each dimension as well.

2. the first steel plates positioned on fixed mountings, and then with each of the fixed Center rib and costal Groove compaction, and make them fully engaged.

3. the use of scaffolds of steel tube built two 4mx3m, 4 wheels on each shelf, easy to drive.

4. the first inner layer of roof boards, according to the technical requirements of each wave soldering with 30mm special tapping screws, screw cap in line with the colors color plates.

5. laid insulation cotton, insulation cotton with special joint sealing tape.