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Color-coated Sheet Process Performance Mar 29, 2017

1: Decoiling machine: its mission is to serve as substrates according to frequency frequency stability of open transport.

2: sewing machine: primary suture is used to strip the streets to ensure the production of safe operation.

3: tension: it is useful for tension pull system, tension comes from the speed of the production line, the effect is to ensure that the steel plate runs smoothly, do not hold bottom prevents scratch plate, directly affects the quality of rolling up the size of the force.

4: open loop: open loop effects to ensure that the production of strip continuous, because when Strip Looper's solid panels ensure and provide useful enough production time.

5: alkali degreasing: clean oil and impurities in the substrate, ensure that plate clean, late painting technique.

6: clean: skim Board retained residuals is necessary after water cleaning to ensure that no residue retention, job preparing the late for the quality of the goods.

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