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Color Steel Development Trend And Advantages Oct 11, 2017

Color plate activity room as a very popular in recent years, a building, which is characterized by convenient, fast, practical and very good, very popular with people. The construction of the color plate activities room requires the use of light steel as the skeleton, the use of sandwich panels for the enclosure material, the standard modular series of space combinations, the use of bolts components, during which no use of color steel material, Environmentally active housing. Color plate activity room can be easily achieved quick assembly and disassembly, to achieve the temporary standardization of temporary construction.Color Steel

Improve the pretreatment process and pretreatment liquid, the number of equipment is small, the low cost becomes the mainstream craft, and continuously improves the stability, the corrosion resistance and the environmental protection performance of the pretreatment liquid. (PVDF) and plastic sol to improve the color reproduction, anti-ultraviolet, anti-sulfur dioxide, improve corrosion resistance; the development of anti-pollution, heat absorption and other functions of the development of new coatings, the general polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and plastic sol improved Paint.Color Steel As the cold embossing than hot embossed low cost, with a beautiful, three-dimensional, high strength, so that cold embossed production technology has become the development trend. Focus on the diversification of products, functional, high-grade, such as deep-color color coated board, "grapefruit skin" Caitu Ban, anti-static color coated board, pollution-resistant color coated board, high heat-absorbing color coated plate.Color Steel

Color steel plate activity room with light, high strength, thermal insulation, beautiful and durable, etc., is the integration of architecture and decoration of the high-level construction and installation of fast. Color steel plate activity room construction is clean, widely used in large span plant, warehouse, office building, villa, roof plus layer, air purification room, cold storage, shops, kiosks and temporary space. Light color steel plate sandwich panel square weight less than 14KG can reduce the structural load and reduce the structure of the movable room structure.Color Steel