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Color Steel Industry Celebrity Endorsement To Warming? Feb 05, 2018

Color steel industry celebrity endorsement to warming?

Celebrity endorsements, building materials industry has always been the focus of attention, but also color plate manufacturers another brand marketing. And through celebrity endorsements, manufacturers indeed benefit a lot. Celebrity endorsements, brands can quickly establish the image and visibility, but this is also related to the celebrity's own visibility and factory planning operations. Although, celebrity endorsements have pros and cons, opportunities and risks co-exist. However, the response from the entire building materials industry point of view, celebrity endorsements will certainly exist in the industry for a long time. Thus, the celebrity endorsements on the color plate industry's influence is enormous.

Color plate

Color plate

"Character" makes the color plate manufacturers endorsement phenomenon "cold"

However, we also observed in the color steel plate industry: Compared with other domestic industries, such as wardrobes, aluminum doors and windows, the phenomenon of celebrity endorsements invited by color steel plate manufacturers is rare. In the industry as a whole, over 80% of the manufacturers did not choose celebrity endorsements.

Analysis of the reasons behind, first of all, is the industry's "personality" dictates that most of the color steel plate manufacturers are pragmatic school, in the early stages of development of manufacturers, manufacturers pay more attention to the production and products, the brand is less concerned about high. The color steel manufacturers such "features" also allow the industry has been fully developed, whether it is the product, or production technology, have been well improved.

Moreover, the brand is not yet the time for the development of the manufacturers, because the vast majority of manufacturers in the industry did not choose celebrity endorsements, then the focus of competition in the industry is not a spokesman for the fight, so for most color steel manufacturers, Branding competition in other ways, celebrity endorsements are not considered in the ranks. Finally, because celebrity endorsements are inherently risky, there are also many cases of endangered endorsements in other industries. These examples are also references that affect the judgment of color plate manufacturers. Therefore, celebrity endorsements for color steel manufacturers, there is no necessary demand, more or stay in wait and see stage.

Color steel industry star endorsement of the "multifaceted"

Although there are not many celebrity endorsements invited in the color plate industry, we can still find some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Such as the European sent Sun Li as its brand spokesperson. So for manufacturers, invited celebrity endorsements, the first consideration affirmed the image of the star itself, as well as the degree of fit with their own brand.

Color plate

Color plate

Furthermore, the value of celebrity endorsement is mainly reflected in the brand promotion effect on the manufacturers. According to the Opfax, "Because celebrities have a great influence on average consumers, people often follow celebrities in their daily lifestyles, clothes, and behavior, so please star to perform, introduce and recommend products in advertisements Produce a strong appeal and persuasion, which can achieve the purpose of promoting product sales.

Third, the manufacturers invited celebrity endorsements, in addition to the stars brought to the manufacturers, the manufacturers can also have an impact on the stars. For example, St. Paul's overall doors and windows since 2011 hired international superstar & international model Simon Yam, Chi Chi as the brand image spokesman, has been working together for 6 years, and has maintained close contact, cooperation is very happy. The Fort St. Paul overall doors and windows of the brand itself contains the feelings of success and happiness can also bring out the brother and Chi Chi, the couple's love and happiness, it is because St. Fortress door and window of the brand's overall brand appeal and high-end positioning , So in order to attract Hua Ge and Qi Qi's choice. There is also a mutually reinforcing relationship between manufacturers and celebrities, and such a relationship is also the basis for long-term cooperation with each other.

Finally, is the impact on consumers. Originally, manufacturers invited celebrity endorsements, is to increase the brand's influence in the hearts of consumers, thereby increasing product sales. Therefore, manufacturers in the choice of celebrity endorsements, the need to pay more attention to the star's influence in the minds of consumers.

Celebrity endorsements in the color plate industry can play an active role in promoting, although the choice is the manufacturer's consideration, but can not deny that there are always advantages in the front.

Color steel industry celebrity endorsement to "warming"?

This year, whether it is published in the news industry, or in charge of the exchange with the manufacturers, we all felt a message: color plate manufacturers embarked on a celebrity endorsement. In this view, we really feel in this regard, the color plate manufacturers change.

Color plate

Color plate

The reason, the first is the meaning of the brand manufacturers to enhance the manufacturers aware of the brand development or the need for more influential strategies to promote. Furthermore, the brand needs of manufacturers has come, no matter what kind of promotion, manufacturers of brands is certainly need to be established, and the choice of celebrity endorsements is obviously a traditional and effective way.

Whether or not the "warming", we can feel the color plate manufacturers for the establishment and promotion of the brand's urgency and necessity. However, due to the strength of new media marketing, the color plate industry invited celebrity endorsement this way can go? How far can go? How to go? Will be color plate manufacturers in the face of brand promotion needs to be considered issues.