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Color Steel Installation Of The Way Details Oct 18, 2017

Color plate installation of the fixed way through the penetrating and dark buckle concealed two. The penetrating type is the most common way of installing the surface and the wall, that is, the self-tapping screws or rivets are used to fix the color plate to the support (such as purlins). The penetrating fixed is divided into crests, troughs or they The combination. The concealed fastening is a fixed method that is fixed to the support (such as purlins), which is a special concealer with a dark button color plate. Panel installation.Color Steel

The side and end of the color plate lap. When installing each steel plate, it should be placed on the front piece of steel, and clamped with the previous steel plate until both ends of the steel plate are fixed. A simple and effective method is to clamp the overlapped steel plate with a pair of clamp tongs. When the steel plate is in the longitudinal direction, its end portion, especially the upper end, must be clamped with the pliers to ensure that the end of the steel plate is in place and the overlap at one end is also in the correct position to secure the steel plate. During the fixing process, the clamp should always be sandwiched in the longitudinal direction.Color Steel

Before installing the next piece of steel, each steel plate must be fully secured. The fixing must begin at the center of the steel plate and then extend to both sides, and finally fix the lap of the steel plate. For the end lap, since the roof and the wall shape plate are made by continuous processing, the steel plate can be supplied at a length limited by the transport conditions, usually without overlapping, and the length of the steel plate is sufficient to meet the needs of the roofing The Color Steel