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Decorative Metal Wall Panels Decorated With Marble Color Plate On The Atmosphere Feb 05, 2018

Decorative metal wall panels decorated with marble color plate on the atmosphere

Speaking of metal carving board widely used and architectural decoration, marble color steel for exterior decoration so good-looking, with the market trend, people have also changed the aesthetic, not only the pursuit of quality assurance, people are more willing to create a High style of living space, no matter interior wall decoration or exterior wall decoration, metal carved panels can be combined with safety and beauty, high quality, easy to install light and fast, and corrosion-resistant, strong shock resistance, coupled with the surface Texture accuracy of the flower, the appearance of exquisite, beautiful lines, decorative metal carved panels insulation is the most preferred by customers!

Color plate

Color plate

Clivia marble color plate is a new product developed by Wofeng, a simulation of high real stone can be comparable to our company can achieve a variety of patterns overprint colored, tailor-made for your different products, the marble plate can be combined And light steel houses, carved plate is a new type of integrated insulation board, a special process so that the wall has a certain thermal insulation properties, a large winter light sets of houses is really beautiful! Tall is not an exaggeration. Come and see the overall effect! Remember, style can be tailored!

Color plate

Color plate

Is this what you want? Marble facades simple and generous, aluminum, galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet can be printed on the surface of the roller coating a variety of patterns you want