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Definition Of Galvanized Steel Sheet And Current Development Level Jul 03, 2017

     According to the definition, galvanized steel plate is divided into hot-dip galvanized steel plate and galvanized steel plate. Galvanized steel plate is also called cold galvanized steel plate. According to the quality of the base plate, it is divided into cold-rolled substrate galvanized and hot-rolled substrate galvanizing. Zinc electroplating is a cold rolled base plate. Hot-Dip galvanizing has two kinds of hot-rolled base plate and cold rolling base plate. Generally, some of the thicker galvanized products are made of hot-rolled substrates. There are also some small steel mills that can be produced with hot rolled substrates. The surface of hot-rolled substrates is not good for cold rolled substrates, so large steel mills generally 3. The following 0mm are cold-rolled substrates galvanized. However, we usually speak of galvanized sheet is referred to cold rolled substrate hot dip galvanized. If you want to purchase, as far as possible to ask clearly better.Galvanized Steel Sheet
     The main difference between the existing hot galvanizing unit and the foreign advanced level in our country lies in the fact that most of the units have no pre cleaning equipment, which is difficult to guarantee the surface quality of galvanized. The existing light machine is a relatively simple two-roller light machine (Pangang for four rollers), can not better improve the mechanical properties of the strip, especially the deep stamping performance; existing varieties are a single galvanized plate, only a small number of alloying plate, far from meeting the market needs. China's manufacturers of hot-dip galvanized steel plates are building materials, light industry, agriculture, transportation and other industries as the main users. Due to the existing conditions of hot-dip galvanizing equipment, technology and the limitations of the performance of the original plate, the actual production of the automotive industry for the use of galvanized plate very few. Galvanized Steel Plate Features: galvanized can effectively prevent corrosion of steel, prolong service life. Galvanized thin steel sheet (thickness of 0 4 4.2mm) also known as galvanized iron, commonly known as tin. Galvanized steel plate is widely used in construction, vehicles, home appliances, daily necessities and other industries.Galvanized Steel Sheet
     Because galvanized steel sheet surface is silvery, also known as "Tin", is made from ordinary steel plate galvanized, thickness of 0. $number. 5MM. Because of its surface by galvanized layer protection, played a rust-proof effect, so generally do not need to paint. The use of galvanized steel sheet in some engineering species is more convenient for the manufacture of fan piping (duct). Not only for the production of wind pipes, but also for the manufacture of wind chassis, since the vertical hundred pages, muffler, static pressure box and so on, beautiful appearance, retained the tin galvanized pattern, and not easy to rust.Galvanized Steel Sheet