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Effect Of Bad Cleaning Agent On Corrosion Of Galvanized Steel After Cleaning Jul 31, 2017

          (1) Galvanized sheet in the entire service life cycle, the first occurrence of corrosion is the surface of zinc coating oxidation, the formation of "white rust." After a little longer, the surface of "white rust" further in the humid air with carbon dioxide and other impurities in the gas reaction, the formation of "black spots." When galvanized steel plate used for a longer period of time, galvanized layer corrosion more serious after the loss of zinc "sacrificial anti-corrosion" role, then began to oxidize, the formation of "red Rust." Once the steel base begins to oxidize, the corrosion rate becomes fast, and the galvanized sheet ends its life.Galvanized Steel

          (2) In addition, galvanized sheet also has two special corrosion conditions called "Black change." One is galvanized plate in the use of a period of time due to the influence of the lead in the galvanized layer, the matte part of the zinc flower will be blackened, blackening of the galvanized layer on the steel base still has a protective effect, but only on the longevity has a certain impact. This situation has improved significantly after the current discontinuation of lead and the use of antimony to promote the formation of zinc flowers. Another case is galvanized plate in the transport, because the take-up tension is small, the steel belt layer is loose, the steel coil contact Mat wood parts will rub each other and produce oxidation, after the white oxide is rubbed off, the surface of the galvanized sheet produces black spots, which can destroy the passivation film, the galvanized layer thinning, the life of the galvanized plate is greatly reduced, and the appearance is also affected.

          (3) Galvanized sheet in the dry environment or pollution-free environment, corrosion resistance is very superior. However, in the environment of pollution, life will be greatly shortened, it is necessary to carry out a pre coating process into color plate after use.Galvanized Steel

          (4) In general, the corrosion of galvanized sheet is not the surface of the galvanized layer all evenly corroded, but in the coating and substrate with the poor combination of the first corrosion of the coating, resulting in the local serious corrosion loss of use performance. From this point, the adhesion of galvanized layer, especially the overall adhesion is more important than the thickness of galvanized layer. If the galvanized layer of local adhesion is not good, even if the galvanized layer is thicker, will also be from the bad adhesion start to rust. This is similar to "bucket principle", it is the problem that the Galvanization production technical personnel must know.Galvanized Steel