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Fire Resistance Of Color Steel Sep 26, 2017

    Color plate is to protect the outer protective layer of rock wool, rock wool is the inner insulation material. Further refinement of the analysis, it can be said that the rock wool plate is a category of color plate, color plate range is very wide, more familiar with the rock wool color plate and foam color plate. Color Steel

    The only characteristic is that the rock wool Board is a sandwich board. Outside is a color coated roll, in the middle is a rock wool bar. However, the quality of the inside is good or bad, it is advisable for consumers to choose some formal large-scale production of brand products to buy.Color Steel

    Color plate is only a layer of steel plate, rock wool sandwich board, his 2 veneer is colored steel plate with adhesive, in the middle of the rock wool insulation material bar. So color plate is just a layer of steel plate, and rock wool sandwich board is the composite products of rock wool and color plate.Color Steel

    Because of its good fire and moisture performance, but also often used in other materials composite plate sealing core material, polyurethane edge composite plate using high-quality color coated steel plate for the surface, continuous rock wool, glass silk cotton as the core material, high-density rigid foaming polyurethane for the mouth filling, after high pressure foam curing, automatic density cotton cloth and by the super long double tape control molding composite , compared with traditional cotton maintenance materials, fire prevention, heat preservation effect is better, the performance is more durable, easy to install, elegant appearance. is a leader in steel building maintenance materials.Color Steel

    Generally used for building the roof outer plate, the board has a good insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation effect, and polyurethane does not combustion, in line with fire safety. Top and bottom plate plus polyurethane joint action, with very high strength and stiffness, the lower plate smooth, clear lines, increase indoor beauty, flatness. Convenient installation, short duration, beautiful, is a new type of building materials.Color Steel