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Galvanized Steel Sheet Design And Smelting Process Oct 11, 2017

The original plate of color-type steel plate is made of hot-rolled steel plate and galvanized steel sheet. It is a kind of lightweight and efficient envelope material with various anti-corrosion coating and color paint. It is simple in processing, convenient in construction and colorful , Strong durability. Color-type steel plate composite wall with a light weight, good insulation, facade beautiful, fast construction and so on. As the use of the pressure plate has deposited a variety of corrosion-resistant coating, which also has a durable, corrosion resistance. Color-type steel plate composite wall panels are not only suitable for industrial buildings outside the wall hanging plate, but also in many civil buildings and public buildings have also been widely used.Galvanized Steel Sheet

As a solution, various pre-plating methods and oxidation reduction methods for controlling the air component ratio in an annealing furnace are proposed. However, the economics and effects of these methods are not necessarily consistent. Therefore, it is necessary to design, electroplate and Equipment for further research and development.Galvanized Steel Sheet

In order to avoid the adverse effects of the added elements above, it is necessary to minimize the addition of these elements or to add some other harmless elements under the premise of ensuring the strength requirements. To this end, at the same time with a good coating adhesion and the appropriate rate of alloying reaction of steel has become the focus of the current development. In the early 1990s, 440MMPa high strength GA steel plate was developed, which was used to ensure the adhesion of the coating by adding solid elements such as Mn, but the appearance of this steel plate was not suitable for use as an automobile panel. In order to solve this problem, 440MPa high strength GA steel plate was developed by means of other means such as grain refinement and sediment dispersion strengthening to ensure the strength of steel plate to reduce the addition of unfavorable elements such as Si, Mn and P.Galvanized Steel Sheet

For example, by adding Nb equivalent to 3 times the carbon equivalent of IF steel, it is possible to develop a steel sheet having high strength and good adhesion by dispersing fine niobium carbon compounds. In the application of structural parts, the use of oxide generation free energy is relatively high, even in the annealing process does not occur in the local oxidation of Mo elements, reducing the amount of Si, Mn, developed a dual-phase 550MPa grade with good coating adhesion GA high strength steel plate. In addition, the TRIP steel is used as a substrate, and an Al element having a small influence on the adhesion of the coating is added to replace the previously added Si, and a high strength GA steel sheet is developed.Galvanized Steel Sheet