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Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Aug 29, 2017

              Main galvanized steel Wire rope Specifications: 1mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.6mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 7.7mm, 9.3mm, 11mm, 5mm, 13mm. 15mm, 5mm, 5mm, 28mm-60mm, we have galvanized wire rope specification is galvanized steel wire rope diameter. The unit is millimeters (mm).Galvanized Steel

              Small galvanized steel wire rope specifications generally from 1mm-3mm, have 1*7 model, 1*19 model, 6*7, 7*7 model, 6mm above is generally 6*19, 6*37 model. Specific specifications, please call us for advice. Including line contact galvanized steel wire rope, not rotating galvanized steel wire rope, can be manufactured. Lissen Galvanized steel Wire Rope is mainly galvanized steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope, cold galvanized steel wire rope, aviation wire rope, providing galvanized steel wire rope specification model, galvanized steel wire Rope technical parameters, the main models are: 1*7, 1x19, 6*7+IWS, 7*7, 6*19+IWS, 7*19, 6X7+FC, 6X19+FC, 6X37+FC, product strict implementation gb/t20118-2006 general purpose galvanized steel wire rope Standard and/ t8918-2006 important use galvanized steel wire rope standard.Galvanized Steel

              It can be used in the fields of advanced construction, vehicle bundle, traction and strapping, for shipping, marine oil exploration, aircraft maneuvering and marine fishing, trawl, fixing nets, coil nets and other fishery aspects. The rope core of galvanized steel wire rope formerly used in sisal and jute manufacture, but because these materials are easy to absorb acid, alkali, seawater and other corrosive substances at work, resulting in the early corrosion of the inner layer wire broken wire, has been converted to polypropylene as the core. The twist of galvanized steel wire rope is the same as that of ordinary round strand wire rope, but according to the working conditions of wire rope, there are different requirements for the thickness of the zinc layer of raw steel wire: diameter 0. $number. 0mm Farragut and I galvanized steel wire rope, the thickness of the coating can be divided into 3 galvanized steel wire Rope Group: The zinc content of the thin coating group is 15~135g/m2, for the mild corrosion condition, the zinc content of the middle coating group is 60~200g/m2, which is used for medium corrosion condition, and the zinc content of the thick zinc plating group is 75~260g/m2, For severe corrosion conditions. In order to ensure the quality of steel wire rope, the surface of galvanized layer should be smooth, complete, uniform and firm. When galvanized steel wire is spirally wound in diameter of steel wire diameter of 5 times times or 10 times times the core bar, the zinc layer should not fall off or crack. The corrosion resistance of galvanized layer should be tested accordingly.Galvanized Steel