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Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Guardrail Aug 13, 2017

              Hot-dip Galvanized steel guardrail is a cold bending of the corrugated plate as the matrix material, in its internal and external surface attached to the hot galvanized layer, so that it is firmly integrated with the matrix and long-term stability of the product. The base material of the hot-dip galvanized steel Guardrail is carbon structural steel, its mechanical properties and chemical constituents are not less than the requirements of gb/t700-1988 Q235 grades of steel, so it has good mechanical properties and impact resistance; the surface zinc layer is made of $number or zinc ingots, and the hot-dip galvanizing method is used to firmly combine with the matrix. This product has uniform zinc layer, smooth appearance and a certain decorative performance. and has strong adhesion, high hardness, hard to corrosive characteristics.Galvanized Steel

              The technical parameters are as follows: Galvanized thickness: Average 85um, any point not less than 61um; Appearance: uniform and complete, color consistent, surface practical smooth, no flow hanging, drop tumor, caking and other defects; Impact test: Zinc layer does not peel, not protruding, not cracking; bending: no cracks, spalling and other phenomena; zinc layer uniformity: 5 times copper sulfate erosion, unchanged red brine spray: no corrosion phenomenon.Galvanized Steel

              Hot-Dip Galvanized Guardrail-performance features 1, zinc coating thick, crystal meticulous, uniform and no pores, good corrosion resistance; 2, electroplating zinc layer is more pure, in acid, alkali and other fog corrosion is slow, can effectively protect the steel matrix; 3, zinc coating after chromate passivation to form white, color, military green, beautiful and generous, with a certain degree of decoration; 4, because zinc coating has a good ductility, so can be cold punching, rolling, bending and other molding without damaging the coating.Galvanized Steel