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Introduction And Problems Of Color Steel Aug 15, 2017

      The base plate of the color plate is cold rolled substrate, hot-dip galvanized substrate and electroplated zinc base plate. The types of coatings can be divided into polyester, silicone modified polyester, vinylidene fluoride and plastic sol. The surface state of color plate can be divided into coating plate, embossed plate and printing plate, color steel plate is widely used in building appliances and transportation and other industries, for the construction industry is mainly used in steel factory buildings, airports, warehouses and refrigeration and other industrial and commercial building roof walls and doors, and so on, civil buildings using color plate less. and plastic, it differs from the plastic steel is the composition of the material is different, suction stone can be sucked.Color Steel
      Strictly speaking, steel and color steel in the metal properties and surface treatment is not very good distinction, because the same is the case, so the distinction of the market mainly in the structure of profiles. Magnet test, because it is ordinary carbon steel material, suction stone can be sucked.Color Steel
      Problems: 1. Although the largest amount of building materials with hot-dip galvanized substrate production capacity, but the lack of zinc-free flat hot-dip galvanized steel coil and zinc alloy coated steel coil and other good substrates; 2. Domestic paint varieties, quality can not fully meet the needs, the high price of imported coatings reduces the competitiveness of the film color board required to rely on the plastic film, the lack of coating thick, functional, high-strength, rich colors of high-grade color coated board; 3. The product is not standardized, resulting in a serious waste of resources, capacity of 40,000 tons/ There are many problems in product quality and protection of environmental resources in the following years. 4. The national new color coating units too much, far exceeding market demand, resulting in many color coating unit start-up rate is very low, or even discontinued.Color Steel
     Color plate coating is cold-rolled steel plate, galvanized steel plate, after the surface chemical treatment coating (roller coating) or composite organic film (PVC film, etc.), and then cured by baking products. Some people also call this product "pre-roll coated color plate", "Plastic color plate." Color plate products are manufacturers in the continuous production line production volume, it is also known as color coated steel coil. Color steel plate Not only has high mechanical strength, easy molding performance, but also has a good decorative coating material and corrosion resistance.Color Steel