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Introduction Of Properties And Process Characteristics Of Galvanized Steel Sheet Sep 15, 2017

    In order to adapt to the lightweight of car body and improve the safety performance of anti-collision, the trend of the automobile industry to adopt more than 590MPa high strength steel plate is rapidly increasing. According to the requirement of rust prevention and corrosion protection to improve the service life, the alloying hot-dip galvanized steel Plate (GA) is still the first choice under the current technical conditions.Galvanized Steel Sheet

    In order to improve the tensile strength of these steel plates, the addition of SI and MN elements in the steel, but these elements are prone to oxidation, in the steel plate hot dip galvanized annealing process, will be preferentially oxidized and easy to cause uneven local oxidation, on the surface of the plate to form SiO2 and Mn2sio4 oxides, Thus affecting the adhesion between the surface of the steel plate and the galvanized layer, which leads to the problem of plating. In addition, p, which is also added as a solid solution strengthening element, tends to exist in the grain boundary or on the surface of the steel plate, thus affecting the alloying reaction in the process of hot dip galvanizing of steel plate.Galvanized Steel Sheet

    As a solution, a variety of pre electroplating methods and the control of air composition in annealing furnace oxidation reduction method, but the economic and effect of these methods are not necessarily consistent, so it is necessary to the steel plate composition design, electroplating technology and equipment to do further research and development. To avoid the adverse effects of the added elements above, you must minimize the amount of these elements or add other harmless elements to ensure the strength requirement. For this reason, the steel plate with good adhesion and proper alloying reaction speed has become the focus of current development.Galvanized Steel Sheet

    While improving the strength of steel plate, it is necessary to take into account the weldability. To this end, the composition of the steel plate must be reduced to the weldability of carbon and other strengthening elements (such as to improve the hardenability of C, Si, MN and other elements can lead to the deterioration of spot welding). The solution is to add Ti, Nb, MO and other carbon nitride elements to produce high strength GA steel plates with excellent spot welding quality.Galvanized Steel Sheet