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Phenolic Color Steel Sandwich Panel Aug 29, 2017

                1, Phenolic color steel sandwich panel Introduction: Phenolic Color steel sandwich panel (English name: Phenolic foam color steel laminboard) is a color plate for the surface, phenolic foam as the core material composite plate. With good fire resistance, good thermal insulation, good insulation, good sound insulation, strong bearing capacity, light environmental protection, economic beauty, construction fast and other advantages. It is suitable for housing, steel structure, clean room, cold storage and other building wall body, inner partition and large baking equipment box.Color Steel

                2, phenolic color steel sandwich panel application field: Phenolic color steel sandwich panels can be widely used in large-scale industrial plant, warehouses, gymnasiums, supermarkets, hospitals, cold storage, activity rooms, building add floors, clean workshop and the need for heat insulation and fire-proof places. Sandwich panels beautiful appearance, bright color, the overall effect is good, it sets load-bearing, thermal insulation, fire, waterproof in one, and no need two times renovation, installation fast and convenient, construction cycle short, comprehensive benefit is good, is a wide range of applications, highly efficient environmental protection building materials.Color Steel

                 Color Plate fire protection suggestions color plate can be from six aspects of fire prevention: first, the use of good fire performance of rock wool as a core material, this is the solution to the root causes. Second, in the construction process, the core material should be far away from welding, gas welding and other open fire operations; Third, in the use process, some heat sources, the ignition source does not close next to the steel plate, must maintain the certain distance. If you want to set up the kitchen in the color plate room, you need to have insulation layer, wall surface should be installed with fireproof rock wool insulation layer; four, wire, cable is best not from the core material through, if you need to cross the protective casing, the socket, the switch box should adopt the metal galvanized box and adopt the clear loading method; Five, indoor and outdoor equipped with simple fire extinguishing equipment, the conditions should be installed fire alarm, convenient personnel to evacuate quickly; at least, the color plate between the room to maintain a safe distance of 6 meters. Without strict flame-retardant treatment of color plate room sandwich filling material although flammable, but not spontaneous combustion. Strict, scientific and effective management, so that fire away from the flammable color plate room sandwich filling material, is to prevent color steel plate room fires one of the important ways.Color Steel