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Sandwich Plate Type Of Color Steel Oct 27, 2017

Color steel composite plate equipment can also be called the insulation sandwich laminating machine production line, color steel sandwich board equipment, such as the name, according to the different core materials, but also can be divided into foam, rock wool, polyurethane, such as filling, it is the color coated steel roll compression molding with a strong adhesive compound in the thicker core material on both sides, forming a high strength, light weight, thermal insulation , rugged appearance of new building materials. Widely used in light steel structure of the top floor and wall, the product has a bright color, no two times the characteristics of decoration.Color Steel

In addition to the decorative effect, the selection of the plate type of the color steel sandwich plate should be considered for its ability of resisting wind deformation. Curtain wall plate is mainly subjected to wind load, its resistance to wind load deformation depends on the thickness of the plate, fulcrum spacing and support conditions. If the span of color steel sandwich plate is too large, the deformation of the plate surface under wind load is easy to produce, which affects the overall effect of the curtain wall. If the design is improper, it will leave irreversible plastic deformation on the board surface.Color Steel

The color steel sandwich board should keep the packing in the factory as far as possible before installation. If stacked in the outdoors, the stacking place should be flat, must not have water and the above should not have the hoisting equipment and the heavy weight passes, the plank uses the mat wood to hold up the 20cm, the board and the board to place the soft material, the same model board puts together, each board should have the easy Identification plate type label, and covers the rain-proof tarpaulin. The stacking site shall be provided with temporary enclosure to avoid unnecessary damage to the board.Color Steel

When moving the plate should be raised at both ends to avoid damage to the surface oxide film or coating. Installation wall panel, each time can only be lifted 1 pieces of board, should be provided by the manufacturer of special fixture in the length of the wall board splicing at 2 point lifting wall board. The hoisting process should be slow, to use the wind rope to control, to avoid and the installed wall panels, scaffold prominent parts with soft material package.Color Steel