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Spot Welding Technology Of Galvanized Steel Sheet Jul 31, 2017

                 In the automotive, home appliances and other industries used in a wide range of galvanized steel, according to the zinc plating process, galvanized components, such as the different, there are galvanized plate, hot galvanized plate, 64$13 alloy coating plate, 64$S8 alloy coating plate. At present, the research on spot welding of galvanized steel sheet can be mainly summed up from three aspects: first, the properties of galvanized steel sheet material itself (such as the thickness of galvanized layer, the effect of composition, shape, surface state, etc. on spot welding process and solder joint performance; second, from the galvanized steel plate welding process parameters, spot welding equipment (control performance) influence; third, from the electrode materials used in spot welding, the shape of the electrode to consider.Galvanized Steel Sheet

                 The welding field of the United States has made a systematic study on the spot welding of galvanized steel sheet. Mainly divided into the following aspects: The comparison of uncoated steel plate, galvanized steel plate, hot-dip galvanized steel plate and hot-dip! The formation of molten steel plate and the change regularity of the growing process, and compared the welding current range of various galvanized steel sheets under different coating thickness, the research shows that: under the same coating thickness, the welding current of galvanized steel plate is the biggest, the hot galvanized steel plate is the second, the hot-dip galvanizing. The minimum welding current required for the alloy steel plate. The interaction between the coating and the electrode head is studied: Because of the different alloying reaction degree between different coating materials and electrodes, the wear speed of the electrodes is different, and the wear degree is related to the melting point, resistance and welding current of the coating. Through a large number of experiments found that the electrode wear of galvanized nickel plate is the slowest, followed by diffusion of galvanized and galvanized steel plate, hot-dip galvanized steel plate electrode wear the most serious.Galvanized Steel Sheet

                 For spot welding of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, some people think that it is necessary to use large electrode pressure to make zinc from the melting zone extrusion, but on the other hand, too high electrode pressure, will also lead to excessive indentation, protect the outer surface of the zinc will all be squeezed out, thus become the source of corrosion pits in the future. In fact, most modern spot welding technology is based on the microcomputer control of welding, and the use of solid State contactor (SCRS), so that the welding process becomes more accurate and more reasonable.Galvanized Steel Sheet