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The Strong Performance Of Galvanized Steel Sep 26, 2017

      Dual-phase steel (DP-steel) is a second-phase particle, such as martensite, which is distributed in Ferrite Matrix, with high performance steels such as low Cuchamby, high strength, easy forming and high initial processing hardening index. Hot-Dip galvanizing is a process for obtaining protective coatings by dipping the metal (substrate) material into a low melting point zinc or zinc-liquid alloy after pretreatment. Hot-Dip Galvanized dual-phase steel technology, refers to after annealing treatment, hot dip galvanizing and alloying treatment obtained by the microstructure of ferrite and martensite, surface coating galvanized layer of dual-phase steel technology.Galvanized Steel

      The annealing process of continuous hot-dip galvanized steel sheet includes preheating, heating and cooling process. Preheating, can avoid because the steel belt heats up too fast and causes the steel belt to deform, is advantageous to the thin specification product the flatness. Galvanized Steel

      In the cooling process of the first slow cooling, and then fast cooling of the sectional cooling method, not only to avoid the rapid cooling speed caused by plate warping, but also to achieve the dual-phase organization cooling speed requirements. Sometimes, after the cooling section, the equilibrium section is set to provide a buffer area between the galvanizing and the cooling section, so that the steel belt has a better flatness and a more uniform temperature into the zinc pot galvanized to improve the galvanized quality.Galvanized Steel

     When the two-phase steel production process cools from two-phase zone, a certain ferrite body is obtained, which requires rapid cooling so that the supercooled austenite is transformed into martensite. Martensite microstructure of martensitic Steels was obtained by ferrite Matrix. Hot-dip galvanizing is required to be deposited in zinc plating after 460 ℃, and then in the next 500 ℃.Galvanized Steel

    That is, the rolled steel plate immersed in the molten zinc bath, after the trough heated to 500 ℃, so as to produce zinc and iron alloy film. Therefore, the production of hot-dip galvanized dual-phase steel, the cooling rate is relatively low, the supercooled degree is small, it is difficult to get ideal duplex steel structure. To solve this problem, the key technology to be used is to add alloying elements.Galvanized Steel